hue magic

hue patterns

We had a great downpour yesterday. It was just enough to put some green back into the grass and give our magic garden some much needed sustenance.

Today I pollinated three of our hue (gourd) plants.

We’ve been waiting for thehue gourd calabash ipu female flowers to open as the male flowers have been open for a while and they have been waiting patiently too! Sounds familiar – man is always waiting on woman!

Nature is SO amazing…I am constantly fascinated by the many patterns and colours of nature that are so intricate…sometimes I wonder. How could a leaf come from a small seed and grow into something so beautiful? To look at, to touch and to feel…

Armed with camera in hand these are the latest shots. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to hue magic

  1. burstmode says:

    Love the delicate light…I wonder what this would look like as a b&w…

  2. Jo Tito says:

    Thanks for your comment…yes that would be interesting, I will try b & w and see how it looks! You can check out my other photos on flickr to the box on the right.

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