About me

There is so much I could tell you about me but for this blog I want to tell you about my love of nature…

I remember as a child wandering alone through the bush, as young as four or five, enjoying the moment..

I used to build my house out of trees and allsorts of nature things, I even had a phone!

I used to live below my sacred mountain – Maunga Taranaki. I lived there for four years and lived with the land, the birds, the native trees and just listened…

I learnt so much about myself when I was there. I meditated.

I learnt a lot about my people and our connection to the land.

So this blog – My Magic Garden is about my connection to the land and the journey that I have embarked on to create my magic garden.

Actually I’ve been creating gardens for many years, this time I plan to document it!

I also wanted to keep a garden diary as a way of learning about plants and how they grow or don’t grow! A journey of discovery really and I’m sure that I will learn something about myself along the way….

Join me for some magic.


Jo 🙂


3 Responses to About me

  1. ann chin says:

    Dear Jo,

    Kia Ora,

    Thanksfor your comment.

    You and I will make a good cyber friend, because we share the same love for nature.

    My sister and sis in law eat the gourd shoots.

    I taught my kids in school about the kamo kamo story.

    I am going to snap a shot of my dandelion weeds now. The Holiday break, the grass cutter didn’t come.



  2. lolaorlando says:

    beautiful! i say hello from papakura xo

  3. lolaorlando says:

    lovely blog, dont stop. i will find you again i hope.beautiful! i say hello from papakura xo

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